Results of the Italian League, AC Milan and Inter Milan Win the Telak

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Para pemain AC Milan merayakan kemenangan di kandang Crotone pada pekan pertama Serie A, Minggu (20/8/2017).

Results of the Italian League, AC Milan and Inter Milan Win the Telak

Positive results achieved two teams from Town Mode, AC Milan and Inter Milan. In the first week of Serie A match on Sunday (20/08/2017) or Monday early morning WIB, both teams won a landslide victory 3-0.

Compete at the Stadio Ezio Scide which became the headquarters of Crotone, AC Milan appear to dominate over the host. They have a ball possession up to 80.1 percent because Crotone played with 10 players from the fifth minute.

Federico Ceccherini is red-carded referee – after viewing the video – as he pulls Patrick Cutrone out in the forbidden box. Penalties were executed well by Franck Kessie.

AC Milan’s second and third goals were created thanks to Cutrone and Suso’s action. In the 18th minute, Cutrone forward Suso cross with a header to double the AC Milan victory.

Six minutes later, turn Cutrone who became creator of AC Milan’s third goal by Suso. Score 3-0 in the first half was unchanged until the fight was over.

In the match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Mauro Icardi performed brilliantly by scoring two goals and ushering Inter Milan a landslide victory over Fiorentina.

Like AC Milan, Inter Milan also got a penalty at the beginning of the game after Davide Astori breaking Icard in the sixth minute. Icardi himself who runs the task as executor.

Nine minutes later, the army of Luciano Spalletti was able to double the advantage. Instead of Ivan Perisic’s cross from the left side of Fiorentina’s defense, Icardi steadily let off a measured header.

Eleven minutes before normal time runs out, Inter was able to widen the advantage to 3-0 after Ivan Perisic converted a mature feed Joao Mario with a header.

This identical victory makes AC Milan and Inter Milan both topped the standings of the first week of Serie A together with Juventus who also won 3-0 over Cagliari.

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