Giampaolo Assessing Napoli Gets Stronger

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Giampaolo Assessing Napoli Gets Stronger

Sampdoria coach Marco Giampaolo sees Napoli getting stronger and that explains that Juventus have to work hard to defend the Scudetto title.

Partenopei is judged to have made their squad grow rapidly from last year, while the Old Lady has lost Dani Alves and Leonardo Bonucci.

“Napoli are a team that is getting stronger now, because they have not changed anything,” Giampaolo told the media.

“To keep the seventh title of the Juve Scudetto, they have to work harder, not like before.”

Sampdoria will face Roma this weekend (10/10/2017) and Patrik Schick will face his former team.

Giampaolo also faces Jose Mourinho in a pre-season friendly against Manchester United, and he gives his judgment.

“In terms of the art of communication, there is no doubt that he is very good,” Blucerchiati coach Mourinho said.

“While Sarri is a football maestro. It depends what you mean, but in my opinion there is no such thing as ‘the best’ because half depends on the quality of the players. “

Messi Release Clause Make “Fans” Barca Ketar-ketir

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Penyerang Barcelona asal Argentina, Lionel Messi, mengeksekusi penalti dalam pertandingan leg pertama Piala Super Spanyol di Camp Nou, Minggu (13/8/2017). Real Madrid menang 3-1.

Messi Release Clause Make “Fans” Barca Ketar-ketir

FC Barcelona fans were hungry after the release clause of Lionel Messi was revealed. They think the superstar’s selling rate is too low.

Release clause Lionel Messi will jump to 300 million euros (Rp 4.7 trillion) if later sign a brand-new contract.

Barca’s camp has already offered a new employment agreement, but has not signed by the superstar.

The netizens, most of whom are supporters of the Blaugrana, are anxious. They judge the price of Messi is still affordable by European established clubs.

Barcelona supporters are still “traumatized” with recent events involving Neymar. The Brazilian striker left Camp Nou after his 22 million euro relief clause was redeemed by Paris Saint-Germain. This makes Neymar recorded as the most expensive player in the world.

Zidane Remembers Action “Headbutt” to Materazzi’s Chest

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Pemain tim nasional Perancis, Zinedine Zidane, menanduk bek Italia, Marco Materazzi, pada final Piala Dunia 2006.

Zidane Remembers Action “Headbutt” to Materazzi’s Chest

Zinedine Zidane recalled the 2006 World Cup final incident when France lost on penalties against Italy Situs Judi. This 45-year-old coach admitted regret and not proud of the action gore chest Marco Materazzi.

The incident in the 110th minute was the end of a bitter story in Zidane’s career with the French team. The straight red card became a stain because he decided to hang up the shoes after the tournament.

“I’m not proud, I’m not at all proud of what I’ve done,” Zidane said in an interview with Telefoot on Sunday (3/9/2017), while looking back at his career recording.

“I apologize to all the young people, everyone, to all the different football coaches, but this is part of my career, my life, it’s an unpleasant one but you have to accept and digest it.”

In the same event, Zidane also played his father’s interview, Smail, with the press. This 45-year-old coach can not hold back so sad tears when knowing how much love the father.

“I am not ashamed to tell him that I love him, also to the big boys-when I call them, I say that ‘I love you’, I say that before, I also say it now and I will say it again, quotes Zidane’s father’s statement.

Problem red card, FIFA sentenced the ban to play as many as three international matches for Zidane. But as Zenane is already hanging up shoes, Zidane agreed to replace him with a social action social service with the children for three days in the FIFA humanitarian project.

Sir Alex Ferguson Confident Real Madrid Still Dominating Europe

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Sir Alex Ferguson Confident Real Madrid Still Dominating Europe

Manchester United legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, admitted confident with the dominance of Real Madrid in various competitions the next few years.

Reported by from Marca, according to Ferguson, Real Madrid are still able to win the title in this season.

“Real Madrid will make other teams struggle to win,” said the former coach who now serves as UEFA Coaching Ambassador.

“If united, they will dominate for another 3-4 years,” Ferguson added.

Real Madrid successfully defended the Champions League title for two consecutive seasons.

The success makes Real Madrid the first team to back-to-back Champions League champions.

The former Manchester United manager also commented on the use of a video assistant referee (VAR).

According to the 75-year-old Scot, there is nothing wrong with giving VAR the opportunity to progress football.

Agent: Reina Reluctant to Update Contract With Napoli

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Agent: Reina Reluctant to Update Contract With Napoli

Agent Pepe Reina has revealed to the public that Napoli did not want to make an agreement with Paris Saint Germain related clients.

Manuel Garcia Quillon ensures Reina will not extend his tenure with Partenopei, where there is obvious interest coming from PSG.

In his talk, the agent explained why his client’s future will not last long at the Stadio San Paolo.

“I can confirm there is real interest coming from PSG,” the representative told the media.

“Pepe and his family love Napoli and I must emphasize this, but the situation is complicated and difficult for him to renew his contract.”

“I can say that 30, 40 days ago, Napoli offered Pepe a new contract, but that was shorter and would only make him have less income.”

The 34-year-old has the experience of playing with Barcelona, ​​Villarreal, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Rekam Jejak Timnas Indonesia U-22: Gold is Approaching

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Rekam Jejak Timnas Indonesia U-22: Gold is Approaching

Although not so smooth, the struggle of Indonesia U-22 national team in SEA Games 2017 has now reached the semifinals Agen Sbo. The target of ending the SEA Games gold medal famine is increasingly headed for reality.

Yes, the target of Indonesia U-22 national team in SEA Games 2017 is to reach gold. All Indonesian people hope Indonesian football back victorious in SEA Games event after 26 years did not become champion.

Recorded, the last gold of Indonesian soccer was obtained at the SEA Games 1991. For a country as big as Indonesia, the record is clearly a distinct stain. To realize these targets, various ways have been taken PSSI.

Their first step was to recruit Luis Milla as head coach. As is known, Milla is a coach who has incised proud achievement. He is the actor behind the success of the U-21 Spanish national team won the U-21 European Cup 2011.

The second step is to implement a regulation in which each League 1 2017 team must play at least three U-23 players. Although it could reap a lot of blasphemy, proven regulation is easier Milla choose the player he brought.

Unfortunately, when the inaugural exam arrived, Indonesia U-22 national team failed to meet expectations. Indonesia U-22 national team failed to compete in Group H qualification U-23 Asia Cup 2018, July 2017. Combined with Malaysia and Thailand, Garuda Muda squad can only finish in third place.
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Pelecut Motivation

Furthermore, Indonesia U-22 national team to make the Philippines as their victims. Action that rolled right on August 17, 2017 at 19:45 WIB was ended with a victory 3-0 Red and White teams. Septian, Muhammad Hargianto, and Saddil Ramdani who contributed a goal.

The Indonesian national team players celebrating goals scored by Septian David Maulana against the Philippines in the SEA Games match at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (17/08/2017). Indonesia won 3-0 over the Philippines. ( Yogi Trisna)

However, the pace Indonesia U-22 national team also had choked. That’s when they only won 1-0 over East Timor. In addition, Indonesia U-22 national team is also aggrieved with a yellow card earned Evan Dimas. The card makes Evan unable to perform when facing Vietnam.

Evidently, the absence of Evan makes the game U-22 national team does not have a definite pattern. As a result, rarely seen the game of short balls are usually exhibited. Conditions are compounded by the red card obtained Hanif Sjahbandi.

Fortunately, Hansamu Yama Pranata and his friends can withstand Vietnam’s onslaught to create glasses scores. Furthermore, Indonesia U-22 national team has the obligation to win with a margin of three goals against Cambodia on Thursday (24/08/2017).

Thai assistance

Initially, it was an absolute requirement for the U-22 national team if they want to qualify for the semi-finals without having to rely on Thailand’s results against Vietnam. Unexpectedly, Thailand provided indirect assistance with a 3-0 win over Vietnam.

Indonesian national team striker Ezra Walian, along with Marinus Wanewar, made a celebration after scoring against Cambodia at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, on Thursday (8/24/2017). Indonesia 2-0 win over Cambodia. ( Yogi Trisna)

As a result, a 2-0 victory over Cambodia did not waste it. Goals Ezra Walian and Febri Hariyadi deliver the Indonesian national team to ensure the second position of Group B displacing Vietnam with a one point advantage.

Now, the gold target for the Indonesian national team stay within two matches again. First, they must pass the host Malaysia hostage in the semifinals, Saturday (26/08/2017). If qualified, Indonesia U-22 national team will face the winner of Myanmar against Thailand in the final.

Indonesia U-22 national team report in Group B
15/8/2017: Indonesia 1-1 Thailand
17/8/2017: Indonesia 3-0 Philippines
20/8/2017: Timor Leste 0-1 Indonesia
22/8/2017: Vietnam 0-0 Indonesia
24/8/2017: Indonesia 2-0 Cambodia

Distribution of Indonesia U-22 National Team Goal in Group B
2 goals: Septian David Maulana
1 goal: Ezra Walian, Febri Hariyadi, Marinus Wanewar, Muhammad Hargianto, Saddil Ramdani

Results of the Italian League, AC Milan and Inter Milan Win the Telak

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Para pemain AC Milan merayakan kemenangan di kandang Crotone pada pekan pertama Serie A, Minggu (20/8/2017).

Results of the Italian League, AC Milan and Inter Milan Win the Telak

Positive results achieved two teams from Town Mode, AC Milan and Inter Milan. In the first week of Serie A match on Sunday (20/08/2017) or Monday early morning WIB, both teams won a landslide victory 3-0.

Compete at the Stadio Ezio Scide which became the headquarters of Crotone, AC Milan appear to dominate over the host. They have a ball possession up to 80.1 percent because Crotone played with 10 players from the fifth minute.

Federico Ceccherini is red-carded referee – after viewing the video – as he pulls Patrick Cutrone out in the forbidden box. Penalties were executed well by Franck Kessie.

AC Milan’s second and third goals were created thanks to Cutrone and Suso’s action. In the 18th minute, Cutrone forward Suso cross with a header to double the AC Milan victory.

Six minutes later, turn Cutrone who became creator of AC Milan’s third goal by Suso. Score 3-0 in the first half was unchanged until the fight was over.

In the match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Mauro Icardi performed brilliantly by scoring two goals and ushering Inter Milan a landslide victory over Fiorentina.

Like AC Milan, Inter Milan also got a penalty at the beginning of the game after Davide Astori breaking Icard in the sixth minute. Icardi himself who runs the task as executor.

Nine minutes later, the army of Luciano Spalletti was able to double the advantage. Instead of Ivan Perisic’s cross from the left side of Fiorentina’s defense, Icardi steadily let off a measured header.

Eleven minutes before normal time runs out, Inter was able to widen the advantage to 3-0 after Ivan Perisic converted a mature feed Joao Mario with a header.

This identical victory makes AC Milan and Inter Milan both topped the standings of the first week of Serie A together with Juventus who also won 3-0 over Cagliari.

Valverde: Roberto and Samper Enter My Plan

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Valverde: Roberto and Samper Enter My Plan

Barcelona coach Mario Ernesto Valverde admitted that Sergi Roberto and Sergi Samper went into his plan.

Samper underwent a loan period in Granada last season, but he did not get enough playing time there. On the other hand, Roberto is a transfer target from Manchester United, with the player apparently ready to find opportunities to play at other clubs.

Valverde revealed that he had already discussed with both players, and stated that both players remain in the coaching plan.

“I’ve spoken to him [Samper],” the coach told the reporter. “He just came from borrowing in Granada, and he did not get the time to play as he or the club wanted.”

“Here, he will have fewer minutes to play. I’m talking about the possibility of him becoming a great player in the future. ”

“[Roberto] is an important player for our team, and he is definitely a player I can count on.”

“He was an important player last season, and he will still get that status this season. He is a versatile player, and he can play in many positions. “

3 First Goals Bali United Make MU Concentration Buyar

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3 First Goals Bali United Make MU Concentration Buyar

Madura United (MU) came home with a head down after losing 2-5 from host Bali United at the Stadium Captain I Wayan Dipta Gianyar in advanced League 1 2017 Bandar Bola. Three goals Bali United in the first round make the players MU depressed.

Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliveira, also criticized the first goal of Bali United, which was printed Nick Van Der Velden. According to this Brazilian coach, Van Der Velden is already in an offside position.

“I may see the first goal a bit trapped offside,” Gomes said after the game on Sunday night (13/08/2017).

Gomes admitted the first three goals Serdadu Tridatu make concentration of Madura United players dispersed. She hopes her children take lessons from this defeat.

“Three first-half goals are not stressful, players lose concentration, once we score goals, we can concentrate again, but we are penalized again and that again has another effect on the team,” he said.

Bayu Gatra and his friends did not threaten Bali United in that match. According to Gomes, Madura United players are only lacking in the final settlement so only able to nett two goals.

Gomes also highlighted the absence of Peter Odemwingie. He is convinced that if Odemwingie plays, the chances that his team gets are potentially more likely to be goals.

“He (Odemwingie) is a good player, the striker is hungry for goals, we create a lot of chances, if there is (Odemwingie) half of that chance could be a goal,” Gomes explained.

“We will fix things forward,” Thiago said, adding that he is performing well enough, endure to finish, he has a character to play as Madura needs, not give up easily enough.

Ezra Talks about the Prime Game Against Thailand at the SEA Games

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Ezra Talks about the Prime Game Against Thailand at the SEA Games

Indonesia U-22 national team striker, Ezra Walian, considers the opening game of SEA Games 2017 counter Thailand will take place interesting. It was expressed Ezra after the release of U-22 national team and Indonesian women’s futsal team in Makostrad, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/10/2017) night local time.

In the first match of Group B, Indonesia will fight Thailand, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

“Thailand is a good team, we are also in football, things can happen,” Ezra told reporters.

“We both want to be successful so I think it will be an exciting match,” said the 20-year-old.

U-22 national team is scheduled to depart to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday (12/08/2017). A total of 20 + 1 players will be trafficked coach Luis Milla.

Currently, a total of 25 players follow the training camp in Karawaci, Tangerang. That is, four players will be crossed out before departure.