Called Timnas Indonesia, Setho Cloud Not Fast Satisfied

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Called Timnas Indonesia, Setho Cloud Not Fast Satisfied

Enter Indonesian national team is a proud achievement for goalkeeper Bhayangkara FC, Awan Setho Rahardjo. The reason, it’s been long enough he did not get that honor.

It took a hard struggle for Cloud to return to get the opportunity uniformed national team. Despite being part of the squad when winning the AFF Cup U-19 2013, he had difficulty keeping their work at the top level.

The last moment of Cloud with the national team got on the eve of U-19 Asia Cup 2014 qualification. After that, he had difficulty compete when the status as a goalkeeper Bali United. Due to the situation, he had to migrate to the club League 2, Persip Pekalongan.

When closing to Bhayangkara FC, he still must be loaned to PSIS Semarang first. After that, he got a chance to become the main goalkeeper, replacing the injured Tri Nugroho Revelation, end of May 2017.

The trip was the key to his return to the Indonesian national team. He became one of the players who were called up coach Luis Milla for a trial against Cambodia at the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium on Wednesday (4/10/2017).

“Alhamdulillah yes, Mas, the struggle has not been in vain, but it also does not make me stop fighting until here aja, Mas, I am sure tetep continue to struggle to learn and keep practicing,” said Cloud when contacted

Parents’ share

Until now, he has collected 18 appearances in League 1. Uniquely, the presence of Clouds in tandem with positive report Bhayangkara FC. Noted, only three times Bhayangkara FC lost when Cloud became goalkeeper. He also became the key to success Bhayangkara perched at the top of the League 1 standings.

However, the 20-year-old goalkeeper also admitted that many parties are meritorious behind his call to the Indonesian national team. And the most important is his parents.

“Of course, my parents, Mas, who motivated me all this time, but that’s all because of the role of goalkeeping coach and head coach as well, Mas, who already believed me to be under the banner of Bhayangkara FC, also with my friends who always support and trust me, “Cloud explained.

Rekam Jejak Timnas Indonesia U-22: Gold is Approaching

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Rekam Jejak Timnas Indonesia U-22: Gold is Approaching

Although not so smooth, the struggle of Indonesia U-22 national team in SEA Games 2017 has now reached the semifinals Agen Sbo. The target of ending the SEA Games gold medal famine is increasingly headed for reality.

Yes, the target of Indonesia U-22 national team in SEA Games 2017 is to reach gold. All Indonesian people hope Indonesian football back victorious in SEA Games event after 26 years did not become champion.

Recorded, the last gold of Indonesian soccer was obtained at the SEA Games 1991. For a country as big as Indonesia, the record is clearly a distinct stain. To realize these targets, various ways have been taken PSSI.

Their first step was to recruit Luis Milla as head coach. As is known, Milla is a coach who has incised proud achievement. He is the actor behind the success of the U-21 Spanish national team won the U-21 European Cup 2011.

The second step is to implement a regulation in which each League 1 2017 team must play at least three U-23 players. Although it could reap a lot of blasphemy, proven regulation is easier Milla choose the player he brought.

Unfortunately, when the inaugural exam arrived, Indonesia U-22 national team failed to meet expectations. Indonesia U-22 national team failed to compete in Group H qualification U-23 Asia Cup 2018, July 2017. Combined with Malaysia and Thailand, Garuda Muda squad can only finish in third place.
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Pelecut Motivation

Furthermore, Indonesia U-22 national team to make the Philippines as their victims. Action that rolled right on August 17, 2017 at 19:45 WIB was ended with a victory 3-0 Red and White teams. Septian, Muhammad Hargianto, and Saddil Ramdani who contributed a goal.

The Indonesian national team players celebrating goals scored by Septian David Maulana against the Philippines in the SEA Games match at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (17/08/2017). Indonesia won 3-0 over the Philippines. ( Yogi Trisna)

However, the pace Indonesia U-22 national team also had choked. That’s when they only won 1-0 over East Timor. In addition, Indonesia U-22 national team is also aggrieved with a yellow card earned Evan Dimas. The card makes Evan unable to perform when facing Vietnam.

Evidently, the absence of Evan makes the game U-22 national team does not have a definite pattern. As a result, rarely seen the game of short balls are usually exhibited. Conditions are compounded by the red card obtained Hanif Sjahbandi.

Fortunately, Hansamu Yama Pranata and his friends can withstand Vietnam’s onslaught to create glasses scores. Furthermore, Indonesia U-22 national team has the obligation to win with a margin of three goals against Cambodia on Thursday (24/08/2017).

Thai assistance

Initially, it was an absolute requirement for the U-22 national team if they want to qualify for the semi-finals without having to rely on Thailand’s results against Vietnam. Unexpectedly, Thailand provided indirect assistance with a 3-0 win over Vietnam.

Indonesian national team striker Ezra Walian, along with Marinus Wanewar, made a celebration after scoring against Cambodia at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, on Thursday (8/24/2017). Indonesia 2-0 win over Cambodia. ( Yogi Trisna)

As a result, a 2-0 victory over Cambodia did not waste it. Goals Ezra Walian and Febri Hariyadi deliver the Indonesian national team to ensure the second position of Group B displacing Vietnam with a one point advantage.

Now, the gold target for the Indonesian national team stay within two matches again. First, they must pass the host Malaysia hostage in the semifinals, Saturday (26/08/2017). If qualified, Indonesia U-22 national team will face the winner of Myanmar against Thailand in the final.

Indonesia U-22 national team report in Group B
15/8/2017: Indonesia 1-1 Thailand
17/8/2017: Indonesia 3-0 Philippines
20/8/2017: Timor Leste 0-1 Indonesia
22/8/2017: Vietnam 0-0 Indonesia
24/8/2017: Indonesia 2-0 Cambodia

Distribution of Indonesia U-22 National Team Goal in Group B
2 goals: Septian David Maulana
1 goal: Ezra Walian, Febri Hariyadi, Marinus Wanewar, Muhammad Hargianto, Saddil Ramdani

3 First Goals Bali United Make MU Concentration Buyar

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3 First Goals Bali United Make MU Concentration Buyar

Madura United (MU) came home with a head down after losing 2-5 from host Bali United at the Stadium Captain I Wayan Dipta Gianyar in advanced League 1 2017 Bandar Bola. Three goals Bali United in the first round make the players MU depressed.

Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliveira, also criticized the first goal of Bali United, which was printed Nick Van Der Velden. According to this Brazilian coach, Van Der Velden is already in an offside position.

“I may see the first goal a bit trapped offside,” Gomes said after the game on Sunday night (13/08/2017).

Gomes admitted the first three goals Serdadu Tridatu make concentration of Madura United players dispersed. She hopes her children take lessons from this defeat.

“Three first-half goals are not stressful, players lose concentration, once we score goals, we can concentrate again, but we are penalized again and that again has another effect on the team,” he said.

Bayu Gatra and his friends did not threaten Bali United in that match. According to Gomes, Madura United players are only lacking in the final settlement so only able to nett two goals.

Gomes also highlighted the absence of Peter Odemwingie. He is convinced that if Odemwingie plays, the chances that his team gets are potentially more likely to be goals.

“He (Odemwingie) is a good player, the striker is hungry for goals, we create a lot of chances, if there is (Odemwingie) half of that chance could be a goal,” Gomes explained.

“We will fix things forward,” Thiago said, adding that he is performing well enough, endure to finish, he has a character to play as Madura needs, not give up easily enough.

Ezra Talks about the Prime Game Against Thailand at the SEA Games

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Ezra Talks about the Prime Game Against Thailand at the SEA Games

Indonesia U-22 national team striker, Ezra Walian, considers the opening game of SEA Games 2017 counter Thailand will take place interesting. It was expressed Ezra after the release of U-22 national team and Indonesian women’s futsal team in Makostrad, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/10/2017) night local time.

In the first match of Group B, Indonesia will fight Thailand, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

“Thailand is a good team, we are also in football, things can happen,” Ezra told reporters.

“We both want to be successful so I think it will be an exciting match,” said the 20-year-old.

U-22 national team is scheduled to depart to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday (12/08/2017). A total of 20 + 1 players will be trafficked coach Luis Milla.

Currently, a total of 25 players follow the training camp in Karawaci, Tangerang. That is, four players will be crossed out before departure.